Sue Swanback

PHP, Vue and iOS Apps

Experienced, creative, senior software engineer with an appreciation for design and a mission to deliver product.

My Specialties

Software Architecture

Complexity is the enemy of reliability. Principles are useful to guide decision making, not as a substitute for conscious choices. Some of my best work has been the work avoided, because it was the wrong work to do.

Database Design & Development

Modelling and implementing your view of the world in a flexible and maintainable manner to meet current and future needs. Yes, I do know third normal form and use and violate it appropriately.

Full Stack Software Engineering

Programming the backend to feed the frontend, making a seamless experience for your audience. Vue.js and Bootstrap for UX joy and reactive responsive sites.


Highly experienced in LAMP stack (shorthand for Linux Operating System, Apache Web Server, MySQL Database, and PHP programming language), using frameworks such as Laravel. Publishing iOS universal apps using Swift & Objective-C. Kotlin just might make Android fun too.


The foundation of all success. Presentation skills include written and verbal, with all levels and kinds of clients and stakeholders. Teaching experience included.

Out of respect for current and past employers and their clients, for whom this work was done "for hire", my portfolio is hidden from search engines. But for you, dear human, just use portfolio/swanback to access my portfolio pages.

See PHP & Vue Portfolio See iOS Portfolio See English Portfolio

Credentials: portfolio/swanback


In recognition of outstanding work on the Power Questions iOS and Android mobile apps, I was awarded Best Developer in 2018.


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